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Plum Skinny


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This new formula offers 2 ways to enjoy....

12 hours of energy!   TOTAL Appetite control!

An Increase in Metabolic rate like never before in a capsule.

With the option of taking both capsules in the morning with a small meal or splitting the dosage, it allows everyone to enjoy the benifits of weight-loss and energy.

Let's face it, we are not all created equal.  Some of us have more sensitive systems than others.  This inhibits us from getting the benifits of some products.  With P-XTR having the option of 2 at once or splitting the dosage, you can reap the benifits too!  Take both capsules with your first meal or take one at breakfast and the second at lunch....NOT TO EXCEED 2 PER DAY! Not to be taken on an empty stomach!

(60 capsules per bottle for your individual needs. 1 or 2 per day, depends on your personal choice and systems ability to handle these naturally occuring ingredients)

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P-XT   Energy & Weightloss

*12 hours of consistent Energy!

*Curbs your Appetite!

*Sharpens mental Focus!

Get all these benefits with only 1 supplement capsule per day!

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P-XT products

We also offer this product in a one week sample packet and as a combo with an amazing colon cleanse.

You can order by phone at 662-454-7900.

P-XT is to be taken with your first small meal of the day. 

To avoid nausia, DO NOT take on an empty stomach.

Do not take more than 1 per day.

With a healthy diet and mild exercise, individuals are experiencing 2-4 lbs of weight losed per week.

This product may be paired with a daily colon cleanse for even greater results due to better absorbtion of key ingredients.



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with 50+ SUPER Fruits and Vegetables

Doctor's Blend Superfood Multi-Vitamin helps support a healthy immune system.

  • Formulated to promote a healthy digestive system
  • World's first macrobiotic supplement
  • Highest quality super food ingredients directly from Brazil
  • Naturally increase body function with antioxidants

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